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Milton Gene Wheaton

May 19, 1935 ~ December 31, 2015 (age 80) 80 Years Old
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Message from regina f. cooley
December 21, 2016 11:20 AM

I just wrote a Christmas card to Gene. We had been out of touch for awhile,
We made a big move from the ranch to Palo cedro 2016.
I wanted to invite him for a visit.
My late husband and I saw Gene on a regular basis in Laguna Beach. My late husband Leland Frederick Cooley, author and producer, and Gene were collaborating on a book about Gene's experiences.
My last conversation with him was about trying to get the book published.
It is more viable than ever.!!!
My present husband said prior to mailing the Christmas card: I will look Gene up
on the internet. Too late !!!
My friend, you will be sorely missed. I am certain you have had a great visit with Leland
already in the great beyond !

Merry Christmas, Gene

My condolences and love to Gary, Denise and Anita.

Regina Francoise Cooley Hermanek
22184 Silver Spur Road
Palo Cedro, Ca. 96073
Message from John Carman
July 24, 2016 10:58 AM

I am so sorry I missed Gene in the last 7 months. I just happened across an article as I was doing some research.
I knew Gene and spoke to him a couple of times since 1995 when I was still with U.S. Customs and became a whistle-blower to expose the corruption.
I was one of a few that was also associated with some other former government agents and media people also exposing the drug smuggling and the CIA's involvement.
Gene was a very good man and an expert in his field of work.
Gene was a great asset to the cause of fighting this dirty war on drugs and corruption our own government is involved in.
We need heroes like Gene cause we are losing them too often.
I wished Gene could have been around much longer so we could talk about the recent developments.
It seems Gene is not the only one that has passed on to be with God.
I hope and pray to hear or see Gene some day as he is not forgotten.
We also both have some things in common as we both investigated Vince Foster and other related subjects.
We could sure use the help of Gene today as our country has suffered long enough.
God bless you Gene and I hope you are watching over a few of us "good guys" .Gene kind of reminded me of the famous western actor "Ben Johnson" especially in his voice.
Please guide us the best you can Gene, as we all need you.
Best regards,
John A. Carman

John Carman
Former U.S. Secret Service
San Diego Police Department
U.S. Mint Police/Treasury
U.S. Customs Service
EOD-San Diego MAST Unit Member Customs
U.S. Immigration Service
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
CNOA Life Member
AFIO Member
ASIS Member
Ex-Private Investigator
Security Consultant
National Security Adviser
Research Specialist
Technical Adviser/Law Enforcement

John Carman
P.O. Box 577
La Mesa, Ca. 91944
Cell:(619)609-1733 (Confidential 24/7 hours)
Message from sister-in-law Sandra Riley
January 6, 2016 3:18 PM

Gene married my big sister whom I loved and looked up to. I really got to know Gene when I was 12 when I spent the summer in Roswell NM helping take care of Gary and Denise. Gene was with the OSI at that time.
When I was 16 Gene got permission to leave his tour of duty in Italy to come and rescue me and I am forever grateful. (((anything for the love of family))) you know...
Visiting them was always eventful but when I visited them in DC well…
Gene included me in their Big invitation to Senator Huge Scott's appreciation Reception and dinner held at the National Theater Guild. Where we shock hands with Vice President Buch and other senators…Meeting and dinning with more dignitaries and Ambassadors. Gene was involved in so many things and touched so many lives. I loved them both and miss them terribly. But they will always live on in my heart and in the hearts and faces of their 3 beautiful children Gary, Denise and Anita.
Love you Gene ….May Gods amazing Grace and Love Shine on you.
With Love,
Sandra Bryant-Smith
Message from Sandra Riley
January 6, 2016 1:30 PM

Gene married my sister big sister I always looked up to. Really got to know Gene more when I helped Joyce take care of Denise and Gary spending the summer with them when I was only 12...Gene was with OSI at that time...Gene ended early his tour of duty in Rome to come and help me.....Forever grateful for Joyce and Gene's love and concern for family. So many wonderful memories one of which I joined them in Fort Lauderdale ...just hung out with Joyce while Gene was doing undercover work😕 in the 80's...other great memory was when I visited them in DC and Gene got me invited to come to dinner with them at the National Theater Guild honoring Senator Huge Scott...meeting and dining with Vice President George Bush, dignitaries like the Doles and other sentors as well as many Ambassadors of other nations. Gene and Joyce lived very fruitful and full lives. I so loved them both. I also love their children Denise, Gary and Anita....I see them both in all of them.
Message from Leisa Moore
January 4, 2016 7:33 PM

Always a smile. Quick to laugh heartily. Patient. Great story teller, I could listen for hours. Bbq master. Tan. Would go out of his way to make sure you were taken care of. I am lucky to have called him my second dad. Seems for many years I was a fixture in that household. I am so grateful to have been accepted into the fold. I feel I am a much better person to have known him, and the whole family. I will toast to you, Gene❤ Keep the fires burning till we all make it up there. I will miss you.
Message from Dan Hennen
February 9, 2016 8:32 PM

Thanks for your work on helping to expose the Iran-Contra affair and your work exposing the murder of Lt. Col James Sabow.....RIP
Message from Sonny Thompson
January 15, 2016 11:24 AM

Gene lived in Maramec, OK when I did and we ended up at Rogers High School in Tulsa, OK He was a wonderful friend and I have so many wonderful times with him. So sorry he is gone. So sorry for the family loss..
Message from Mindy Wilson
January 5, 2016 5:51 PM

My love and deepest condolences to Gene's family... Mindy Wilson
candle green
A candle was lit by Tammy (Khosrovi) Flanagan on January 4, 2016 12:05 PM
Gene was my best friend's dad and became a dad to me as well. I would have lived an entirely different, miserable life for the past 40 years had it not been for Gene and wife Joyce taking me in as one of their own.

Thanks for your service to our country, and your love, protection, and amazing stories. I'm so proud to have had you as a friend and father.

Til we meet again.
Message from Dana Tull
January 3, 2016 3:17 PM

Dear cousins - Gary, Denise and Anita,

Though we have not stayed in touch over the years, please know that my thoughts and sympathies are with you. I have fond memories of your father and I know you will miss him greatly. My Daddy passed away more than ten years ago and I still feel the loss. Time does lessen the pain, buy you will always miss him. Please feel free to give me a call, text, or email if you feel up to it.

With love,
Dana Tull
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